STAHLS' ASI podcast Print-to-Order Trend in 2021

Print-to-Order Decorating Trends in the Promo Industry

STAHLS’ Promo Fulfillment Manager, Rachel Corey, was recently featured on a podcast episode with ASI all about the hottest print-to-order decorating trends and technology in 2021. She touches on everything from exciting shifts in the decorating industry and how to stay ahead, to finding the best transfers and decorating processes for your business, and so much more!

How to be Successful with HTV

Heat transfer vinyl, otherwise known as HTV, is a unique way to create custom apparel. If you’re familiar with this decorating method, you know it’s come a long way — it’s no longer a plastic shield on the front of a T-shirt! STAHLS’ is the manufacturer of some of the most innovative HTV around – our materials feel like one with the garment. Plus, you’re getting the benefit of a variety of available finishes perfect for any customer. From single color to full color, it’s an easy and cost-effective way to decorate and can be done using only a heat press. With HTV, we always say you can’t believe it until you see and feel our materials. That’s why we’re happy to offer material samples so you can practice cutting, weeding, and heat applying different effects.

Top Requested & Most Popular Materials

Mimic the looks of the pros with our full lineup of dimensional and textured materials. We offer a wide variety of unique and raised HTV, as well as custom dimensional emblems and patches. Here are just a few of our top picks for creating high-end looks using your existing equipment.

How to Find the Best Transfers & Processes Possible

Our number one piece of advice is to reach out to the experts. STAHLS’ has many options to choose from depending on how you’re printing, what you’re printing, and when you need it in hand by. Let the experts know what you’re looking for and any challenges you face. Our team is here to educate you and provide you with the tools and training you need to succeed. We don’t expect you to know all the trendiest processes and materials, but your customers do. They’re looking to you to offer them something the next business can’t, and we’re here to help you feel confident. Plus, we have an entire Help & Education section filled with resources on how to decorate for different markets, a library filled with informative videos from our leading experts, and so much more!

This is only a little teaser of the information Rachel covered in the podcast. It’s definitely one you won’t want to miss. Listen to the full episode, 2021 Promo Print-to-Order Trends, below and be ready to tackle the hottest print-to-order decorating trends this year.

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