Plan Now for Spring Uniform Decoration

It’s still winter, but you should start preparing for spring sports now. Now is the time to think of what you want to offer as uniform decoration options for baseball, lacrosse, softball, and soccer.

Begin to think of the number styles you can offer based on each of the sports for clubs or schools.  You will want to also familiarize yourself with the garment fabrics you’ll be applying to, as this will be important for a successful heat application and a winning game plan for you and your teams.

Jersey Numbers

Numbers are a key component to a successful uniform.  We have many styles designed for the sports market.  Below are 10 suggested number styles for each of the spring sports.

Sports Heat Transfer Materials

Each uniform can be decorated with a variety of heat transfer materials. Thermo-FILM® heat transfer vinyl can be used on lacrosse uniforms. It’s a durable, abrasion-resistant heat transfer material. It can also be used with your baseball or softball uniform applications, although these sports tend to have the traditional/professional look of Poly-TWILL™.

For teams wanting look of embroidery, SimStitch® provides an alternative option. It’s made from Poly-TWILL and has a simulated zig-zag stitch along the edges, only needing to be heat applied for permanent application.

Soccer uniforms need a heat transfer vinyl with a low application temperature, soft hand, and high stretch and rebound. These jerseys are generally polyester, lightweight, and have a flexibility component. You need a material that won’t detract from these capabilities.

Applying a thicker, non-stretchy heat transfer vinyl will be uncomfortable and ruin the look. Premium Plus heat transfer vinyl is an excellent choice for soccer uniforms. It’s applied at a low temperature, has a soft hand, and great stretchability.

Add a Name To That Number

There’s nothing quite like receiving your jersey and turning it around to see your name and number on the back.

Pre-Spaced Text is the recommended method for personalizing uniforms.  Simply upload your roster online and the names arrive pre-aligned on a carrier, ready to heat apply.  This is a huge time saver for uniform decoration. Use pre-spaced SimStitch® to add the look of real embroidery in a fraction of the time.

For additional information on decorating sports uniforms, check out the Help and Education section of our website, or download the Team Decorator Catalog for additional tips and uniform suggestions.

Every Season. Every Sport.  Look to Stahls’ for all of your heat printing needs.

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