STAHLS' New Perforated Text & Number Effects

Breathe New Life into Uniforms with Perforated Effects

If you’re a sports fan, chances are you have a favorite team uniform! Every time I watch pro football, I find myself commenting on how bold (or dull) the uniforms are. If you decorate for local sports teams, chances are you aim to mimic these pro looks. Every kid wants to wear a jersey that looks like their favorite players! That’s why we’re so excited for the latest addition to some of our top pre-spaced offerings: Perforated Text & Number Effects. These laser-cut, breathable perforated effects are perfect for creating bold looks like the pros. Because of the tiny holes pierced through the fabric, they add extra breathability and flexibility when paired with everyday sports jerseys.

You can add these awesome perforated effects to any Pre-Spaced Number, Pre-Spaced Text, and Player Perfect® order right in the ordering wizard. Right now you can choose from 6 effects—Static, Scanner, Jersey Mesh, Micro-Perf, Grid, and Hex— in our most durable CAD-CUT® materials.

Pre-Spaced Numbers

Apply single or double-digit numbers in one quick step
Pre-Spaced Numbers come pre-aligned on a carrier, ready to position and heat press on your jersey or apparel.

Pre-Spaced Text

The fastest and easiest way to add names or text to jerseys, uniforms, T-shirts, and more. Text comes pre-aligned on a carrier to speed up production and reduce application errors.

Player Perfect®

Heat transfer text and numbers come pre-aligned on the same carrier, allowing for one-step placement and application.

Perforated Effects are Available in these Popular CAD-CUT Materials:

Thermo-FILM® & Thermo-GRIP®

Premium Plus™ High Tack


  • Durable sports jerseys & apparel
  • Fast, easy application – apply name & number in 6 seconds
  • Resisting dye migration on polyester garments
  • Decorating challenging performance fabrics
  • Thin, soft, & durable
  • Scorch-free application on soft & stretchy materials
  • A matte finish & soft feel
  • Scorch-free application on heat-sensitive fabric
  • Decorating everyday materials – like T-shirts & hoodies

These are the hottest effects in jersey decoration right now and you can easily add them to your product lineup. You can get these effects in a variety of popular athletic fonts, number and letter sizes, and colors. Get ready for spring sports and start creating custom, bold looks every customer will love.

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