How To Create Multi-Media Designs With SimStitch

SimStitch® letters and numbers are a great alternative to embroidery. SimStitch® gives the look of sewn embroidery but permanently applies with just a heat press. It’s made from Perma-TWILL® with a laser cut simulated zig-zag stitch. No sewing required. SimStitch® can be paired with different heat transfer finishes to elevate any garment.

  • Pairing SimStitch® with CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake heat transfer vinyl will make any team jersey stand out. A top trend in spirit wear is the game jersey, but this trend isn’t limited to just sports team related spirit wear. Take a game jersey styled top, apply the layered SimStitch® look, and offer that to a dance studio or a cheer squad as a costume option for an upcoming recital or competition. Everyone will love the added sparkle and shine on their uniforms.
  • The suede-like finish of CAD-CUT® FLOCK heat transfer vinyl makes it another great option for layering with SimStitch®. FLOCK is available in great color choices and is easy to cut and weed. Plus, it’s the perfect solution for two-color designs.


  • CAD-CUT® 3M Scotchlite 5807 heat transfer vinyl is a reflective finish you can’t go wrong with by pairing it with SimStitch®. It’s a great look for team uniforms, especially for teams competing at night. Because this reflective material is ANSI certified, it’s the perfect option for first-responders and safety workers as well. But don’t stop there. Think of the great looks for joggers and bike enthusiasts who tend to be out at night and require the added visibility.
  • Another option to pair with SimStitch® is Thermo-FILM®. Using Thermo-FILM® heat transfer vinyl as the foreground and SimStitch® as the background is a cost-effective way to achieve a 2-color personalization. Not only does it look great, it’s a lighter weight option than using two layers of Perma-TWILL®.


When you’ve decided on SimStitch® for your next project, think of how you can take a simple design and make it even better. By combining it with a special effect finish, SimStitch® gives you a custom layered look that will make your design pop.

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