Come See Us at Long Beach 2018

Stahls’ has some exciting new products on the horizon in early 2018. We’ll be at ISS Long Beach January 19-21 to give you a sneak peek into what’s coming. Make sure to stop by booth 911 to get all the details and see samples of our newest products.

 AquaTru Dye-Block

AquaTru™ Dye-Block™ – Eliminate Dye Migration

As fabric technology changes, Stahls’ heat transfer technology is innovating right along with it. AquaTru Dye-Block’s proprietary heat transfer ink is the answer to heat applying on today’s sublimated and synthetic garments.

Feel confident it will block dye migration through 125 washes on even the most dye saturated, sublimated, stretchy, and heat-sensitive fabrics.

Available in sheets to create custom logos with a vinyl cutter & stock numbers for uniforms with just a heat press.

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Heated Lower Heat Press Platen

Heated Lower Platen – Eliminate Scorching

The Hotronix® Heated Lower Platen allows you to increase heat on the bottom platen and reduce the temperature on the top platen eliminating the heat press box, bruising, and scorch marks on heat-sensitive fabrics.

This new platen replaces the need for heat printing pads, pillows, and preheating your garments, increasing productivity by reducing application prep time. Compatible with any Hotronix Clam manufactured after 1990.

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CAD-CUT Silicone 500

CAD-CUT Silicone 500

Silicone 500 is the first cuttable vinyl solution using heat transfer technology. This silicone-based material has a low temperature application to reduce scorching, and was developed to give logos a raised, textured look – similar to popular brand name apparel.

Available in rolls & custom cut services Spring 2018.

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