How to Save a Shirt

by Courtney Matlick


Have you ever heat applied the wrong number to a jersey, or spelled a player’s name wrong? We know that mistakes happen all too often in the apparel decorating world and they can get expensive.  Luckily, some mistakes can be saved when using the Stahls’ Lettering Remover Solvent.  This solvent can be used to remove heat transfer materials; Thermo-Film® and Thermo-Grip® lettering from fabrics.

In this week’s Tip Jar, we’ll show you how to save two different shirts (and some money) by using the solvent.  We’d love to hear how Stahls’ Lettering Remover has helped you save a job. Share your success story in the comments section!


How To:  Save a Shirt Video



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7 thoughts on “How to Save a Shirt”

  1. Great tip. Couldn’t be more timely. I was pressing names last night when I noticed that one of the names had moved when I put the cover sheet on. I don’t have the solvent on hand because I was unaware that the letters could be removed but will have to get some for the next time something freaky happens.

    BTW, does it matter if the shirt is 100% cotton or 50/50?

  2. Hi Tim, thanks for your comment. You’ll want to test an inconspicuous spot on each garment before using the solvent, regardless of it’s content.

  3. can it be done anytime after pressing? or does it have to be right away? i have a couple of shirts that are used for display they were done 2 months ago, can i remove the vinyl?
    also is it only for therm film or can i use it with any vinyl?
    thanks alot

  4. Hi Mohammad, thanks for your question. The solvent should be used within 24 hours and will remove Thermo Film and Thermo Grip. You will need to test it on any other materials you have.

  5. I have actually been successful removing a number that was on the garment for over a year! Try it, it just might work!

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