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by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

B-0829 - Mexican Flag from Great Dane Graphics
B-0829 – Mexican Flag from
Great Dane Graphics
It’s been increasingly noted lately (as a surprise to many) that St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland isn’t quite the same as it is in the United States. By and large, each March 17, the Irish don’t drink green beer, dye rivers green, or call in sick from the bar quite the way Americans do.  For the majority of folks, the day is used to celebrate their Irish heritage much more than it is to honor a missionary who lived 1600 years ago (and it’s a good excuse to party for everyone else).

Cinco de Mayo has developed similarly: a Mexican holiday that is much bigger in the US than it is in Mexico. And while it’s seen by some as an excuse to enjoy some fireworks, Mexican food, margaritas, and cervezas, and by others as a way to display pride in their heritage, the roots of celebrations in the States go all the way back to the original Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 1862.

The holiday doesn’t commemorate Mexico’s independence, as many people think; it celebrates the Battle of Puebla, in which Mexican soldiers defeated a much larger and better-equipped force of French invaders advancing toward Mexico City.  While not strategically significant, the battle boosted morale for citizens and the military alike, and resulted in a surge of Mexican patriotism.

When news of the victory reached Mexican miners in California, they celebrated with fireworks, songs, and speeches, spurring festivities that have been held continuously in California since 1863.  As the holiday spread out across the country it became a celebration not just of a single battle, but of Mexican culture, with resulting parades, parties, and festivals.

Major events are held everywhere from Las Vegas to Minneapolis to New York.  With the big day just a few weeks away, people are looking for T-shirts and other gear to show off pride in their Mexican heritage, or just to celebrate Mexican culture in general. Stahls’ products have what you’re looking for, to give them  what they’re looking for.

The Wild Side offers several “Mexican Pride” designs, while Great Dane Graphics stock art includes depictions of Mexican flags, maracas, dancing señoritas, and more. Any of these designs (can be personalized with pre-cut letters and numbers, making it easy for you to create stylish apparel your customers will love to wear, whether they’re celebrating the culture of their grandparents or a single day in May.


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