Roland TrueVIS SG2-300 Printer/Cutter

Grow Your Business with a Print/Cut Machine: Pt 3

Part 3: How to Load Material Into a Print and Cut Machine

Thanks for joining us again as we dive into the stand-out features of the new Roland® DG TrueVIS™ SG2-300 print and cut system. If you haven’t already checked out the other two posts in this series, head over to Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing.

Here’s a small recap of what we covered in the last two videos:

  • The Roland DG SG2-300 offers vibrant color output
  • It’s equipped with new & advanced cutting features
  • The SG2-300 is compatible with heat transfer vinyl, wall graphics, banners, and other graphics
  • How to set up files and import in VersaWorks

This next clip shows you the proper way to load media into your print/cut machine to minimize jamming, decrease the possibility of further errors, and reduce material waste.

We hope you’ve found these posts helpful when setting up your new machine. Sit tight for the next post in our series!

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