How to Choose the Best Heat Press

There are many factors to consider when choosing a heat press. Budget, portability, and efficiency are important things to consider when researching which heat press is right for you and your business. Whether you’re trying to get your business off the ground, or you’re looking to upgrade your current press, there are presses ranging from economical to top-of-the-line. No matter what your production needs or budget, there is a heat press to match.

While Hotronix® offers a range of heat presses at different prices, the quality remains consistent. As the industry leader in heat press innovation, all Hotronix® heat presses are proudly made in the U.S.A. The free Blue Ribbon Support program means there is staff ready to answer your calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call, you speak to a live, skilled technician there to provide answers and solutions.

Along with the quality and support, these heat presses come with free ground shipping and are available in discounted Heat Press Packages. These packages include all the essential accessories and training you need to get heat printing. No matter what press you buy, you can be confident you’re getting a quality product that will help drive profit to your business.

For a comparison on the good, better, and best presses we offer, watch this video, or continue reading for more information on the wide variety of heat presses available.


Starting MSRP: $700

The MAXX® Clam Heat Press by Stahls’ is the answer for anyone looking for a high-quality, portable press on a budget. It provides a maximum value for start-up or home based businesses. It’s also a great option as an extra press when work load requires it. With simple use and sturdy construction, the MAXX® Clam Heat Press is the most reliable choice for the price.


Starting MSRP: $945

The Hotronix® Auto Open Clam Heat Press is the next step up from the MAXX® Clam Heat Press. Its ability to open automatically offers protection from over-application and scorching in busy, multi-tasking shops. The Auto Open feature also allows better efficiency and multi-tasking. Just set the timer, press the lever down, and as soon as the timer is up, the press will release. While it’s pressing, you can step away if needed without worrying about ruining your garment.


MSRP: $2,100

The best-selling, most popular Hotronix® heat press is the Fusion IQ. It’s easy to see why. Its patented Dual Function ability means it operates as a draw press and a swing press. It has a large, high resolution screen for modifying settings and saving application instructions. The Fusion IQ Portal, collects data from heat press use – tracking for productivity, application errors, and other data points to help you make business decisions in real time. Combined with the standard Hotronix® digital time, temperature, and pressure readout – this versatile and functional heat press is ideal for medium to high volume production businesses.


Air Fusion IQ™ MSRP: $4,150 | Dual Air Fusion IQ™ MSRP: $6,950

Take all the features of the Hotronix® Fusion IQ, add the power of compressed air, and you have the best heat press on the market ‒ The Hotronix® Air Fusion IQ. Using an air compressor, the Hotronix® Air Fusion IQ increases efficiency and reduces operator fatigue. It presses automatically to your preset PSI and time, and when the timer goes off, its hands-free auto-swing moves the heat off the garment, creating a heat-free work space. These features keep garment production moving fast and keep your workforce safe.

Along with the standard version, there’s also the Dual Air Fusion IQ™, which doubles efficiency with two heat printing stations. This means you can press one garment at one station while you thread and layout your design on another. It’s perfect for high-volume operations.

As you can see, Hotronix® offers a wide range of heat presses. From the economical and reliable MAXX® Clam Heat Press to the feature-laden Dual Air Fusion IQ, there is a press that can meet the needs and demands of your business. For more in-depth information on how to choose the perfect heat press for you, download the heat press buying guide.

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