FlexStyle by Stahls Decorated Garment

FlexStyle® Emblems by Stahls’

FlexStyle Texture Emblems by Stahls Decorated Garment

UPDATE: Available now! Check out FlexStyle® by Stahls’ Custom Emblems

Launching soon, FlexStyle® Emblems technology gives you texture, detail, and color like no other. Emblems apply to almost any fabric, all you need is a heat press.

Available in two distinct styles:

FlexStyle DecoX by Stahls Example

Texture Emblems

  • Raised texturing
  • Intricate detail
  • Metallic and non-metallic finishes

Click here for the spec sheet for Texture Emblems.

FlexStyle DomeX by Stahls Example


  • Shiny, smooth 3D surface
  • Durable, thick emblem
  • Opaque, satin, and chrome finishes

Click here to view the spec sheet for domeX™.

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