Save on Equipment with Stahls' Equipment and Heat Press Packages

Save with Equipment Packages

STAHLS’® continues to find ways to boost your apparel decorating business and save you money. After all, when you succeed, STAHLS’ succeeds. STAHLS’ newest step taken to save you money is bundling the most popular heat presses and vinyl cutters, now available to order online. These high value packages take quality cutters or presses and combine them with essential tools and services. Once you select your package, you can add optional items at a discounted package price.

Make your next cutter or heat press purchase a smart one and get the savings included in these packages.

Heat Printing Packages

These Heat Press Packages include everything you need to boost your business. Ranging from the effective and affordable MAXX® Clam to the high-tech Dual Air Fusion IQ™ , build your business with the right tools for the job. Each package contains appropriate accessories catered to the specific press’s abilities. Accessories like the Hotronix® Heat Press CounterCaddie® enable full threadability with the MAXX Clam and Auto Clam presses, and interchangeable platens increase the versatility of the Fusion IQ heat presses.

Learn now about these great Heat Printing Packages and take advantage of the savings.

Vinyl Cutter Packages

STAHLS’ Vinyl Cutter Packages bundle popular vinyl cutters with 30 yards of CAD-CUT® Premium Plus heat transfer vinyl, one of the highest quality and best-selling HTV products available. Save money by purchasing a vinyl cutter package from the most reliable name in heat printing ‒ STAHLS’. Where other companies package vinyl cutters with cheap vinyl and useless accessories, STAHLS’ gives you the materials and tools to hit the ground running. Save money by cutting your own vinyl and having the tools to increase efficiency and improve your profits.

Learn now about these great Vinyl Cutter Packages and take advantage of the savings.

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  1. Please call 800-478-2457 to speak to one of our representatives who will be glad to go over the financing options available.

  2. I have the Hotronix heat press. My next purchase will be a cutter and the printer will be down the road. If I intend to purchase both from Stahls what do you suggest as the best pair that will work well together?

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