Why You Should Be Decorating for Soccer

Why should you be using your heat press to decorate for soccer? It’s simple. Soccer has become a year-round sport and this time of year you will find your local pitches full of teams participating.  Check out what teams are wearing and how you can set yourself apart from the competition.  Make sure you are prepared with the number styles and materials you will be applying for soccer uniforms.  You will also want to be sure of any numbering/uniform regulations.

Pre-Cuts, featuring the Team US number style, have a classic look that is perfect for any soccer team. You might also suggest a team try any one of our expanded styles like Adrenaline or World Cup. Team US Lite is an option for a thinner version of the popular classic.

There are also a variety of Pre-Spaced number styles available, providing unique details to the number style.  Among the most popular are Fury, Soccer, and World Cup Shadow.

The suggested material for performance soccer uniforms would be Premium Plus.

  • Premium Plus – high stretch & rebound, soft hand, low temp application, over 40 team colors, available in Pre-Cut and Pre-Spaced Numbers, CAD-CUT® material

If you are not providing soccer team uniforms, here are some stats to help you possibly go far post:

The number of people playing soccer in the United States is on the rise, with over 15 million people participating.  In fact, it remains a huge draw for recreation, club and high school teams

Soccer ranks 5th in average annual spending of families with children ages 8-18 who play organized sports (highest to lowest). This would include fees for tournaments, club/organizations, equipment, uniforms, practice time, and camps/clinics.

  • Lacrosse $7,956
  • Hockey $7,013
  • Baseball/Softball $4,044
  • Football $2,739
  • Soccer $1,472
  • Basketball $1,143

Check out our How to Decorate section for size recommendations and ideas for decorating soccer uniforms from head to toe.  For additional information and suggested number styles, download our Team Decorator.

Helpful products when decorating soccer uniforms:


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