Common Letter and Number Sizes for Sports Garments

by Paul Sabatini, Marketing

Have you ever wondered to yourself if you have the right size number or name on the sports jersey that you are heat printing? I’d like to share with you the appropriate sizes and certain numbers allowed in some sports when decorating jerseys.

Let’s start with some of the sports that require certain numbers to be worn based on position or game rules:

Basketball – legal numbers are the following; 00, 0-5, 10-15, 20-25, 30-35, 40-45, 50-55.  A team roster may not include both a 0 and 00.  The reasoning for allowing only these numbers is that they are numbers that can easily be signaled by the referee using one hand.

Football – rules recommend that player positions assume the following numbers:

1-9 Quarterbacks and Kickers
10-19 Quarterbacks, Receivers, Tight Ends, and Kickers
20-49 Running Backs and Defensive Backs
50-59 Centers and Linebackers
60-79 Defensive Linemen and Offensive Linemen
80-89 Receivers and Tight Ends (or 40-49 if those ranges are taken)
90-99 Defensive Linemen and Linebackers

Listed below are the proper number and name sizes for each of the sports.

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