Top Tips for Decorating Basketball Uniforms

Make your basketball uniform personalization a slam dunk!

Like many other sports, basketball has become a year-round sport with league play, tournaments and camps. This allows your heat printing business to have year-round profit potential. It’s crucial to know how quality uniforms are being decorated. That way you can set yourself ahead of your competition by providing quality uniform sets. The number styles and heat transfer material that you use will help you win in this market.


Pre-Cuts are the most cost-effective method to decorate uniforms. There are many number styles to select from, providing you custom looks without the custom price.  The Team US and Pro Block number styles are our most classic styles. Outside of the norm, font selections like Adrenaline, Metal, and Odyssey will give uniforms a custom look.

There are also a variety of Pre-Spaced number styles providing unique details. These arrive to you pre-aligned and ready to apply. Among the most popular are Pro Outline, Fusion, and Swiss Shadow.


Polyester, lightweight performance fabric, and sublimated polyester are the most popular basketball jersey fabrics.  In the past these types of fabric would be your nemesis, but not any longer. We offer decorating options for any type of material. Need a stretchable material with a soft hand? We’ve got it. What about something that applies at a low temperature and blocks dye migration? No problem.

Here are your top heat transfer material performers for decorating basketball jerseys.

  • Premium Plus
    • High stretch & rebound with soft hand
    • Low temp application
    • Over 40 team colors
    • Available in Pre-Cut & Pre-Spaced Numbers & Letters
    • CAD-CUT® material
  • Silicone Dye-Block
    • Blocks dye migration
    • Gives a unique raised matte finish and silicone feel
    • High stretch & rebound
    • Available in Pre-Cut and Pre-Spaced Letters

Are you providing basketball uniforms?  If not, here is why you should:

  • Basketball ranks 3rd in both girls and boy’s high school participation.
  • The sport overall has had an increased growth of 4.7%. It has one of the largest overall participation rates in the US in organized leagues.
  • Basketball has an average annual spending of $1,143 of families with children ages 8-18 who play organized sports.

Check out our How to Decorate guide for guidelines and inspiration. Show your customers new uniform decorating possibilities with the updated Team Decorator.

Helpful products when decorating basketball uniforms:

  • Pre-Cut Numbers – cost-effective, available in team sets, on-demand personalization
  • Pre-Spaced Text – time-saver, pre-aligned text ready to apply, easy team roster upload for ordering
  • Pre-Spaced Numbers – time-saver, unique number style details, pre-aligned single or double-digit numbers
  • CAD-CUT®Text Templates – pre-aligned team names with multiple layouts to select from, easy to use online ordering, low minimums
  • Cover Sheets – protect your upper platen and jerseys
  • Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector – allows you to easily thread the jersey over the lower platen and spin front to back without removing the jersey from the press, protects the reverse side of applied graphics
  • Hotronix® Heated Lower Heat Press Platen – no more scorched garments, reduces the risk of dye migration

For more information, popular number styles, and guidance on pricing uniforms download The Ultimate Guide To Sports Decorating Pricing.

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