7 Most Popular Heat Printing Accessories

Check out this infographic for information on the 7 most popular heat printing accessories from Stahls’.

To order cover sheets, heat erasers, pillows and pads, and platen covers, visit our Heat Printing Accessories page.

For Thermo Tape and Letter and Number Storage Boxes, visit our Accessories for Letters and Numbers.

You can find the EZ Weeder® with the rest of our Heat Transfer Material Accessories.

7 Most Popular Heat Press Accessories inforgraphic

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2 thoughts on “7 Most Popular Heat Printing Accessories”

  1. You forgot the #1 thing needed in addition to a heat-press and material to make great-looking garments: Stahls! –Still my favorite vendor and still find products that I have yet to try or that I can use in a new way even after a number of years… Endless possibilities!

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