• Get Into the Game with Team Sets

    Get Into the Game with Team Sets

    Learn how Stahls' Team Sets can help you get into the uniform customization game.

  • 5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

  • Heat Printing Hats

    Heat Printing Hats

    Heat Printing Hats


Heat Printing Advice from a Stahls’ Expert

The March 2017 issue of Impressions Magazine features an article in which Josh Ellsworth, of Stahls’ TV fame, answers five questions frequently asked by new heat press owners, including how to avoid scorch marks and where to position transfers. Josh discusses choosing the right materials, substrates, and application “recipe” (the… read more

April 6, 2017 Leave a Comment 

Behind the Mask: CAD-CUT Patterns

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing Most people are familiar with how handy masks can be. They help you get candy every October 31st, make a snazzy costume for parties, scare people at haunted houses, the list goes on. But some CAD-CUT® heat transfer vinyl users may not be familiar with a… read more

March 28, 2017 Leave a Comment 

Make Sure Your Cutter Blade Makes the Cut

by Juliet Kalmeta, Training Vinyl cutters come with a 45° blade, but not all heat transfer vinyl can handle that type of blade best. Different blade types may be required to cut through the material thickness or to achieve better results when cutting a detailed graphic. Some blades are sharpened… read more

March 23, 2017 Leave a Comment 

Pain Present with a Perk – Peggy’s Pain Pillow

by Juliet Kalmeta, Training A broken bone is almost always unexpected and when that happens to someone you care about, you want to make them feel better. Getting them a card, balloon, and flowers will put a smile on their face, but what if you can make that smile remain… read more

March 21, 2017 Leave a Comment